Sid Meier:Civilization VI Review

Sid Meier:Civilization VI Review. Overall the game is quite amazing, It actually took me hours just to finish a single game but it’s worth it.It makes you think and look at every detail in order to eliminate other civilization.

Genre: Turn-Based
Publisher: 2k Games
Developer: Firaxis Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, Personal computer, Linux
Initial release date: October 21, 2016

Hi, So this is my first blog post, and I’m reviewing Sid Meier:Civilization VI, I’m a new player on the civilization franchise, but so far I’ve had a firm grasp of the game from starting a civilization to actually winning the game.

Before you start the game you will get to choose which type of country you want to use. Different countries have different types of country bonuses, try to use different countries and strategize based on their bonuses.

For instance, Tomyris of the Scythian Empire, Can produce Two Light Cavalry units or her Sscythian Archer for double, Everytime they also kill an opposing unint, a scythian unit will receive healing bonuses. Make sure to utilize and understand their single bonuses and to how to gain an advantage to other empires.

You start up with a single Settler and  Warrior in the start of the game. You grow your empire until the last turn, there are 4 different type of resources you would need in Civilization 6. Science, Culture, Gold and Faith.

Basically you’d want to be on top on Science Culture and Faith before the last turn or you can finish in a science victory by completing a Science Mission.

Overall the game is quite amazing, It actually took me hours just to finish a single game but it’s worth it.It makes you think and look at every detail in order to eliminate other civilization. As a first time player, I’ve had alot to learn in the game. It was very addicting and it’s like a super powered Chess Game looking every details from City-States, Yields, Researches planning on which policy to use and using it as an advantage based on what situation you are in.

Although there boring moments as you’d keep skipping and wait for researches and unit production and buildings, the gameplay is a bit complicated at start but once you get a hang on it, You’ll enjoy every piece of turn you get and strategize what you’d want to do in the game.

Art Style:
The art style was amazing, it has a unique feel. I also like the fighting scenes in which every unit battles and gets lesser and lesser each fight, depending on their health. Although I skipped fight scenes since it takes doubles the time of the actual gameplay.

Character Models: Personally, I love the way how different Characters in every country moves and to how they express their emotions to you depending on what type of relationship you both have.

Gameplay: Overall The gameplay is the one that stands out with the rest, your earlier decisions and strategy will reflect to how fast your civilization will grow, From using the boosts System to gain advantage from policies to researches in order to be on top.It all determines upon how you play the game and creating a formula about what you should do first and of course it’s still undetermined if you’ll get same results as barbarians will f*ck you up bigtime if you don’t eradicate those barbarian outposts ASAP.


Religion: Religion is an interesting feature in the game, It’s a good part of the game but at mid and late game it won’t really have much help, If you invested so much in religion at early games you might be lacking gold or even be left out on culture and science race.
I think the religion feature needs to be improved but I do love the idea. It just seems to not have a large impact over the game.

And lastly, my verdict. Civilization VI pushes you to think and really strategize upon the various aspects of the game and looking at every detail even from the smallest to the biggest detail that will play a large important in the end-game for example would be the envoys, you only get a number of envoys per turn and you most certainly can’t be a suzerain on all of the city states, You need to choose which one will fit in your gameplay based on their suzerain bonus and strategize with it . But technically all you have to do is survive until you get Nukes. And A-bomb those mofos that keeps bullying you and denounces you even if you try to please them and have a good relationship based on their likes and dislikes.

Also I can’t beat the hardest difficulty of the game it’s extremely hard. If you know how then give me some tips that maybe I am not aware of.

Score: 3.5/5

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